Hello, this is National Statistical. We'll be back.

On February 29, the Miami satellite datacenter of ServerAxis, the 14-year-old company that we've relied upon since 2009 for hosting and backups, suddenly and mysteriously went offline. This outage affected us and many other customers, including web hosting companies with hundreds of clients. Our account is still intact and our servers and backups are still listed as "active", and ServerAxis continues to accept new business in its original Chicago location.

We are pursuing legal action in an attempt to retain access to our databases, encryption keys and our three sets of backups. But with no communication at all from ServerAxis since March 10, we have begun to rebuild our operations in another location.

We sincerely apologize for the multiple inconveniences to our clients, investors and all those who have relied on our services for the past nine years. There's been a barrage of chargebacks and refund demands, but we are also very humbled and thankful for the overwhelming support we've received. For Fortune and ESPN's Five Thirty Eight, for whomever edited ServerAxis' Wikipedia page to include our story, for the multiple offers of emergency server space, thank you.

But thanks most of all to the women's basketball community. It wasn't until this bizarre episode, and the unexpected media coverage, that we were able to fully realize how much you count on us and how unique our services truly are. We will aim to live up to your support in the future.

After listening to your feedback, we will be taking this opportunity after seven years to streamline our services to highlight what makes us different: sortable, splittable, exportable statistics at affordable prices. New architecture will allow us to offer simplified (and reduced) per-league, per-season pricing. A new site will also allow us to add more leagues. We will return on May 15, the opening day of the 2016 WNBA season. We hope you'll come to trust our new products for scouting, analysis and game preparation as you have since 2007.

In preparation for our relaunch, please locate your PayPal transaction ID, which will unlock a six-month service credit and can be applied to any season package. If you need to contact us for any reason, we're still at info@natstat.co.

Thank you again, and we'll see you soon.